BotR – The Get Down

Down in the Bronx – The Get Down

With our old favorites

Vinyl “Sucka DJ” Ritchie & Oprah “Shaolin” Spinfrey!!!

Blacklist on the Run went back to the 1970’s Bronx, Celebrating the birth of hip hop and it’s influences! The party was at the Urban Nightmare, thanks go to Lishy who let us have a great party at her place. Go and check it out, there are also sewers ^^.

All the outfits, too many to describe so just check the pictures!

Blacklist on the Run – Rollerdisco

This time we had a party at the Blacklist with as theme Rollerdisco.

We had a big skate ring, pretty colours and lights. It looked very 80’s! And with all the people who had their skates with matching outfits it was a lust for the eye \o/.

Together with the amazing sets from Keliana and London we had a great blast. Thank you all for coming over and party with us. The time just went so fast.

Here is that awesome music!

Here are the pics, i made 70 of them and i hope you will enjoy them.