Blacklist on the Run The Space Bar

Oh my Universe! What a party. i just kept looking around, almost drooling on the equipement, dj equipement, perving all those sexy outfits. You guys and girls rock! It was a feast for my eyes and i do love sci-fi events.

This turn we went outside the Blacklist and we visited the Deep Docker’s Starport & Sperm Bank and Keen made that! A very nice and naughty sci-fi place to let your kinks out and we certainly did. So if you haven’t been there, go explore, with or without friend but bringing one is easier to explore the naughty features!

The DJ’s of the night were Miss Daxia and DJ Keli. Sadly Keli had an electric malfunction so her recording got lost. You all have to do with mine.

And here are a load of pictures and with all the perving i forgot to take a sexy pic of myself…duh!


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