The Blacklist Pride

Last Saturday we had the Blacklist Pride and I was so happy to see all the peeps that come over to visit and party with us. I was very impressed not only with the loads of people but also with the outfits. It was very fun to see how everyone dressed up for the Pride party.

“Our Donation Goal this year was the first Something Extra Fair, a fair for our community in SL! You all seriously rock so much, we thank you from the bottom of our heart, The Grand Total of Donations was a whopping 28.521 Lindens!!!

All we can say is thank you, for your support on this night and all through out the year. We love you for it!” *Lupe

And I can only agree. Thank you all for making my SL and my RL more colourful and pretty, sweet and loving. It’s been a great party and next year we will do another one!

Only London and me got our sets up. With Keli and Lupe there were technical issues.

And now the pictures! So might be bit vague as I only discovered that my LoD setting was set to tight.



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