BotR – 80’s movienight


What a weird theme and it was weird and so much fun. Quotes flying over and we had the party in an old cinema with some 80’s movie gifs on the screen. The outfits were interesting with a super high amount of ghostbuster hahaha. In the end we had like 9-10 of them. Other outfits were pretty good too, like Peach and Thecla.

And our DJ’s! Though i must admit i didnt got them all. Lexie had i think 2 outfits. They had their own set, different but 80’s and very much fun. Here is Lexie her set. I am not sure if Keli was able to record (i do hope so).

And now the pictures.. frigging 80 of them and took me ages it felt but i hope you like the result and if not.. well.. GO BACK TO THE 80’s! 🙂

Blacklist on the Run 80s movienight


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