Blacklist on the Run – Heroes

Blacklist on the Run – Heroes

What a challenge! First figuring out who your hero is and then dressing up like him or her. It wasn’t that easy and i think many struggled along side with me. It took me days to figure it out. But we managed in the end! For me the best outfit was Lupe with his hero Nile. Which is close to Neil (from the Young Ones).

I had a great time with looking at all the outfits and the lovely music from DJ Frenzy and DJ Lupe Boi. Sadly Frenzy forgot to record (again) but we got Lupe his set!

It wasn’t super crowded this time so less pictures to browse through and also less nudity for some reason. But i think that might change with the next BotR when we go to the hot Arabic Nights \o/.

Who is your Hero!?




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