Halloween at the Blacklist – Halloween Night

This second last party took place in the Grove as part of the story that started with the Famba Lilta.

DJ’s of the night were Daxia Darkbyrd and London Callin and both had two interesting and very different sets. Daxia carried on the story of the Grove and London just blasted everyone away with an awesome mashup mix!

Below the pictures is the RP text from the set.

And now some pictures!

*I start preforming the Ritual that will Cure the World of Everything. Slowly bringing in the tunes by waving my hands, channelingen the flows, the beats, making it a perfect symbiosis of sounds. The air around me sparkles and the temperature slowly cools down. The fog seems to get thicker, light begin to change as the Ritual progresses.*

*I continue the Rituals and concentrates, bring each ingredient into place. I look at the shape that is only shown to me and adjusts it in the air. Little sparks appear while i channel the energy, dark purple particles begin to grow. The mushrooms seem to react, the thick thorns seem almost to move away from my presence. The energy grows, leaving crawling sensations on people their skins.*

*I focus back on the sphere between my fingers. I feel the energy building up and grimace happily. The control of the power, the amazing visions of what might come fills my being. I hold out my hands, a dark foggy energy source hovering in it and it slowly rises up above us all. I continue muttering the ancient words, fulfilling the Rituals requests. The coldness spreads out and the sky begins to darken.*

*I watches the Orb slowly rising up into the sky, the fog slowly taking away the view until it explodes high above us. A dark purple shockwave, all the force channeled in a cone, shoots down and spreads around the Grove. The Darkness get’s thicker, the tunes piercing through it and the beat sweeping through it, like a monsters heartbeat.*

/me watches the Darkness rises around us. The heavier beats filling the Grove, bringing the state of mind that is needed to fill full the Ritual. My hands slowly move around, directing the waves of sound. Fingers moving lightly and in weird patterns, like they are trying to grab hold on something in the air. Words come more rapidly out my mouth, the old Language of the Doomed.*

“Hail Travelers of the Foul Moon!
We have gathered here tonight to praise the Darkness that lays on our doorsteps! To embrace the Coldness that awaits us all! Behold the Grandmasters of the Universe that will ascent down to us to bring Havoc and Pain!
We shall preform this special ritual in honour of them! We shall succeed and open the Gates of Suffering, there is no room for failure. There is no room for errors, this is OUR night and we shall RULE the world!! All that awaits is the sound.. the Sound of…MUSIC!!”


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