Blacklist Halloween Eri’s Confessions

“And the Pits of Hell opened and behold…”

No Hell at the Blacklist but something did opened and that was the dancefloor. The distrubance in the Grove caused a sinkhole. We suspect the thorns been trying to dig underneath and cause the collapse.

This party was Graveyard themed as what is Halloween without a Graveyard. Happily enough we seem to have a sacred burial right under the Blacklist Bunker. Which does explain some of the weird things that been happening since the day we moved in.

DJ Eri kicked it off with a very fun and different mix. It was her style and yet it was different. I really loved it and you can listen to it down below.

DJ Keliana took over with such energetic set it was hard to keep up. She did a great job and i love her style and the tunes she pics. I hope to be able to add the link soon.

And i took some pictures but they turned out weird… must be some magical interference with my camera.


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