Blacklist Grove

The Blacklist Grove came alive.. well not alive.. it got destroyed by this … whatever it is!

All plants and animals have been killed and digested. There is no trash of anything green. Mushrooms are growing wildly and deadly thorns appear from nowhere. They even try to dig through the rocks. We managed to remove them at the entrance and keep an area open but we don’t know how long this will take.

There is good news! Witches from all over the world came for our aid as they sensed a disturbance in the world balance. It is not only happening here it seems but we have a more dense “magical disruption’ as they called it. The witches have taken over the bar area and put up their camp, they seem to be nosey and somewhat annoying, doing their owns biddings but we don’t have much choice in the matter.

They have for now enclosed the Blacklist Bunker with some kind of force field and placed down two gates were we can travel too. Also they have requested for our help. During the flee and the rush into the Bunker they have lost a lot of potions. Potions we need to fight this threat!!

So please, we call out to you, help us and find the potions, we shall reward you for your efforts.




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