Blacklist Grove Alert

The Infested Grove

The Grove is changing at an alarming rate. Several attempts were made to stop the growth of the mushroom but these attempts seems to made it only worse. There are more and they are bigger!

We advice to not go alone into the Grove and to bring some kind of weapon, so far a machete seems the most effective. Thick brambles have sprouted from the Elf Stage, be cafeful for the razorsharp thorns.

So far we haven’t had any reports of people being hurt or missing but we believe there is reasons for concern. Our last mapping of the Grove showed that the mushrooms… moved. I know this is hard to believe but we are sure they somehow moved around.

Also there seems to be some kind of radiation, but it isn’t radiation. We have no clue what the interference is and if it forms a healthy hazard. The mist changed colour and became more brown, this migh be related?

[pictures taken by Dakota]


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