The Blacklist Grove

The Infested Grove

This is Daxia and Dakota reporting from the Grove. We have been observing the changes that are happening at our beloved and tranquil Grove. After the blessing from the Elves, the famous Famba Liltta, things has gone for the worse. We all saw the disruption during the ritual and might this be a side effect?

The purple mist has spread and seems the main cause of the deterioration of the the plant life in the Grove. Plants are withering and losing it life-force. We know it is autumn and this is suppose to happen but this is a very different kind of renewal.

We wonder if it is part of the season as we never witnessed this before. Aside the purple mist, a few more purple crystals appeared around the Grove. Next to that there is a rapidly growing amount of mushrooms. Some are growing really large.

We shall monitor the situation and keep everyone posted. For now the Grove seems save, we haven’t heard any reports of illness but we advice not to consume the mushrooms.

[pictures are made by Dakota]


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