Blacklist on the Run – Dickgirl University

Dickgirl University

Everyone needs to study, that is one of our freedoms and rights. But before we study and work hard to make something of ourselves we need to party! So we went to see the Asian Sensation University for such a party. They been around for a while and then not and now they got a new home! So check it out if you haven’t been there. The people are really nice.

I had a great time and it was wonderful to see all the sexy students. What was more surprising was the amount of teachers! Woooot! Way to go ladies! I started the first two hours with a heavily Japanese influencent themed set and DJ London Callin rocked the party with what she does best, DJing the roof of every place she goes! So press those buttons and listen!

Because i was spinning the first two hours i wasn’t able to take any pictures but i did for the second half. So some might have left by that time and you will not find your picture there…




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