The Famba Lilta – entering a new season

[Before you read on i like to tell a thing. The Famba Lilta is a ongoing project from Keliana, it envolves about great tunes, belly dancing and Elves. Its a master piece!! This time was even more special as this set is the introduction for the Halloween festivities at the Blacklist. I hope you all will enjoy the decorations, the hunt and the story… but you still have to wait, let us start with the beginning….]

The Famba Lilta – entering a new season

As leaves begin to fall, and a chill finds its way into the winds, four Elves make their way to a sacred place deep within the forest. Winter approaches; a dangerous season for the Wood Elf tribe that resides here. It has been known since antiquity that evil spirits are at their most powerful during this dark, cold time, their corruption spreading far and wide through glade and thicket. Since before time was measured, a ritual of dance and song has been held to appease these spirits, and keep them at bay through the long nights. It is performed by the shamans of the tribe, each representing an element: Wind, Fire, Water, and Aether. And it is always held on Autumn-Day, the mid-point between equinox and solstice – a day known in the elventongue as Yáviérë.

Each Shaman draws power from their respective element, through ley lines that criss-cross through the forest and beyond. But this power must be shaped and controlled – a delicate task requiring subtle, rhythmic movement. As they begin, the energy is formless, but as their dance continues, it begins to coalesce.

As their bodies twist and twine in the cool night air, each Elven Shaman focuses their mind, body, and soul to infuse that life-energy with their respective element. Since birth, they have been trained for this purpose. Their element is as much part of them as their hands, their eyes, and their heart.

Each Shaman alone, however, cannot hope to quell the evil spirits with their element alone. These four have honed their skills and their art – decades of practice that allow them to act as a single, harmonious force, their magic flowing between one another, allowing them to blend Wind, Fire, Water, and Aether into power far greater than any one could achieve alone. It is only through this sharing of elemental life-energy that they have any chance to succeed in their task.

The air around the four elves began to feel electric. The leaves on nearby trees began to tremble. The clear around them seemed to both darken and illuminate at once. The flow of energy between them had reached its peak. In a few more moments, their elements would ignite…

With a blinding flash that illuminated the darkened clearing, elemental magic poured through their fingertips, taking form in the palms of their hands. They kept their minds and hearts on the task at hand, drawing the final energy they would need to bring forth the manifestation of goodness and light that would keep the evil spirits at bay for another year.

As their elements drew together as soon, the final form of their magic took shape. A harmoniously pure conjuction of their respective energies. The shape it took was always different from year to year. On this Autumn-Day, it blossomed as dandelion buds made of the most pristine light, filling the air around them.

As their combined elemental energy filled the air around them, the buds settled hither and to, sanctifying the land around them. The Elf-Maiden of Wind caused strong breezes to form, carrying that purifying energy to the far reaches of the forest. The Elf-Maiden of Fire kept their light strong and unwavering. The Elf-Maiden of Water ensured that the flow between them remained constant. The Elf-Maiden of Aether ensured that each bud was imbued with the most potent cleansing power.

Everything was proceeding as it had for centuries past.. until suddenly, without warning, the clearing began to darken, shadowed by some unseen force. The buds in the distance flickered and dwindled. The energy the elves were channeling began to feed back towards them, threatening their harmony and concentration. The Elf-Maiden of Wind acted without thinking, responding to this unseen threat on instinct alone. She drew all of their energy to her, taking in all four elements at once. Too much for one Elf to handle, but soon enough, she sent that energy cascading from her body, manifesting as crackles of lightning that danced around her.

The Shamans had no idea what had transpired – for millenia this ritual had been performed without a single fault or failure. But something was different. They had performed their tasks perfectly.. and yet the purification had been thwarted, an ominous purple fog filling the clearing. As they brought their dance to conclusion, safely siphoning off their remaining energy, they looked at one another, bewildered. Unbeknownst to them, dark forces were conspiring against the elves, and the forest – and had different plans for this year.



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