The Blacklist Pride 2017

The Blacklist Pride

And i was so proud on everyone. What an amazing evening, i often love our parties but this went beyond that. It was expentional. We had that day over 160 individual visitors. The Pride Collection Unicorn was stuff with money. We all managed to collect 17.400 LD. That is 70 USD!! Unbelieveable right? Only a few things that bring tears to my eyes and this whole evening is one of them. The collected money will go to a Dutch LGBT organization called COC.

THANK YOU ALL! You are all amazing.

The party was good fun and so many people, lovely chatting going on and on. You could almost taste the rainbow but you can always poke Argent ^^.  Great outfits, which you will see soon. I just kept crashing but it was worth it! I was glad i didn’t had the issues during my DJ set and it only started when i tried to take pics and long after i tried taking pics. Thankfully we have Lizzi. She was so sweet to take the pictures and i have edited them.

Sadly Lupe and Keliana forgot with all the excitement to record but we have DJ London, 3 hours of fun! Check it out 🙂

And now the pictures, behold the Lizxia Project!

(we only got a certain timeperiode, excuses for that)



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