The Blacklist Easter Egg Hunt

The Blacklist Easter Egg Hunt!

Find the 25 hidden EGGS and claim the reward!

The reward consists of various wonderful prizes!

Once you have completed the Hunt, you can unlock the safe which holds the prizes. You can find the safe in the bar.

The Blacklist Easter Egg Hunt starts on Sunday April 16 and will run up to and including Sunday April 23

The Eggs are hidden all over Blacklist and you can find them one by one!

When participating you’ll need the Hunt-HUD and you have to be really close to the EGG to be able to claim it.

Find the Hunt-HUD at the Bunker and in the Bar!

Once you will find one of the Eggs you will see the count on your HUD go up from 0/25 to 1/25 and so on!

You do not have to finish the Hunt in one attempt. If you take off the HUD, crash or log out, you can just continue another time!

Look high, look low, check every nook and cranny!

Good hunting!

The Blacklist Easter Bunnies ♥


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